Anchor links AL-4


PEAKDESIGN Anchor links AL-4, quick attachment for camera strap, 12mm, 90kg, black

Give your camera strap Anchor Links to quickly remove your camera strap. With this kit you can use Peak Design’s popular Anchor Links with your favorite camera strap! Fits original straps, home made or branded straps up to 12mm wide. 4PK-AN-3 Micro Anchor has been improved (compared to 4PK-AN-1) with thinner loop to more easily fit more camera models as well as better compatibility with tripod and camera plates that have no natural loop for mounting and a sloping profile to make them easier to attach to your Peak Design Slide, Slite a little, Cuff and Clutch.

• 4x Anchor left
• Can handle up to 90 kg
• Thin loop that fits most camera models
• Fits camera straps up to 12mm wide
• Super fast and innovative quick attachment for your camera strap

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