Peak Design, camera backpack, everyday sling 10L, black.

Sling bag with smart solutions and quick access, lets you carry  a lot when when you need to. Perfect for everyday use, with or without your camera gear.

On the front of the bag there is a compartment that can be expanded quickly when there is a need to bring in some extra stuff. Two straps allows you to carry things like camera stands, umbrella or a thick sweater that wont fit inside the bag but it also lets you compress the sling bag when its not fully packed.

Smart separators
On the inside there are origami inspired dividers that are quickly adjusted to your specific needs for the moment. Their rigid construction with pre-folds makes them easy to adjust, fold and customize.

Sits securely in place
With Peak Design’s special buckle on the strap you can quickly tighten the bag when it has to sit in place and release the strap to quickly retrieve the bag for access to the equipment.

• Weather proof fabric and zipper
• expandable compartment on the front
• Compression straps for carrying gear externally
• Origami-inspired dividers that can be quickly adjusted to meet the need for the moment

Inner dimensions(WxDxH): 343x127x279 mm. Outer dimensions(WxDxH): 400x140x245 mm.

weight: 680g


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