Wetex KeySkin för G80-3000 och G81-3000


Cherry WetEx protective film for keyboards, transparent

Protective film for Cherry’s keyboards, this perticular SKU is for the following Cherry keyboard models:
with the following conditions:
• 2 Windows keys (left/right)
• 1 context menu key
• ”European” enter key

Technical data:
• Resistant to Diesel
• WetEx is free of halogens and latex.
• Conditionally resistant to 40% sulfuric acid (battery acid)
• WetEx does not contain polybrominated diphenyl ethers.
• Conditionally resistant to oil
• Resistant to dish liquid
• Resistant to isopropyl alcohol
• Under normal conditions WetEx provides > 10 Mio. operating cycles.
• Disposal does not cause polybrominated dibenzodioxin or dibenzofuran.
• Conditionally resistant to petrol
• Resistant to distilled water

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